Richard C.

When you meet Wendy, you will get to know a top professional who is committed to her clients and proud of her success. She is fun, hilarious, smart, good listener and hardworking.
Since 1990, Wendy has been dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, effective and caring Real Estate Services. She is known and trusted throughout the Bay Area.
“…we sent a note to inform all of our friends that we have sold our house in Berkeley. Several of our friends asked how long it took us to sell the house. We said only 3 days. None of them believed it; and we all agreed that it was because we had hired an excellent professional and had gotten the best services.”

Everett H.

“Wendy’s willingness to go the extra steps such as working on insurance issues and other problems that could slow down a sale was what impressed me. She spoke the truth and did everything she said she would do. We managed to sell the house quickly… And after closing, she continued to help us.”

Peter and Betty L.

“We will always be grateful for the manner in which Wendy educated us about the market climate in our area at the onset of our business relationship; providing us with carefully researched, well-organized supportive materials.”

Sarah H.

“The closing on our house was a stressful situation, complicated by 3 issues: we were pushing to close in a short time frame, prior to year-end; there existed a second loan on the house; and the house was near foreclosure. Wendy was instrumental in seeing that the sale went through, working tenaciously with the bankers, the holders of the second loan, the Title Company, etc. (the same cannot be said, in my opinion, of the seller’s agent). Wendy’s former experience as a banker, I think, was particularly helpful at this point.”

Pearl C.

“Wendy has often done customer services beyond the call of duty. We appreciate her going the extra mile for us. She is such an enthusiastic, energetic, trustworthy, caring, and helpful person that she is not only our Realtor, but has also become our friend. I eagerly recommend her to my friends who want superior service from a leading real estate firm.”

Ronald T.

“We approached Wendy Louie to represent us in the selling of my mother’s property. This was not an easy or simple transaction since it involved tenants living on the property for over 30 years. In fact, it was extremely difficult in trying to find the right buyer to ‘fit-in’ with the existing conditions. During the time the property was listed, we found Wendy to be creative, knowledgeable, experienced, resourceful, and did many things for us beyond what would normally be expected from a real estate agent. Her tireless work, exhausting schedule and persistence made the sale.”

Han Huei L.

“What is great about Wendy is that she puts her clients interest absolutely first. She is honest in her judgment on the value of the property and market timing. Prior to the sale of our property, we had checked with many other realtors regarding the market timing and the price. Some were extremely high and some were low. Our house was sold within the range that Wendy had recommended. She has earned not only our trust, but also our friendship.”

Yu-Te and Judy L.

“We are extremely pleased with Wendy’s professionalism and benefitted from her knowledge and expertise. She continually puts in the extra puts in the extra effort to ensure that we are not just buying a house, but ‘our home’. The past few months working together have given us a glimpse of Wendy’s charm and warmth, and we have gained a true friend. We highly recommend her to our friends and will be happy to share those sentiments with any future client.”

Wei Y.

“Wendy Louie is a truly remarkable realtor and a person of quality, of dignity, and of professionalism.”

Ali and Stephanie A.

“We are convinced that Wendy Louie is the best real estate agent in the business. She is tireless, determined, extremely knowledgeable, highly strategic, thorough, well informed and dedicated. She has made our real estate ventures very successful and we cannot imagine a better realtor. We have a realtor for life in Wendy Louie.”

Stewart C.

“We were very pleased with her marketing strategy, the way she prepared our house for sale, and the design for the flyer/internet tours. We liked the way that Wendy conducted herself at the open houses and her patience in explaining the transaction to my parents. Our house was sold with multiple offers within one week after it was on the market.”

Weigang W. & Haiyan H.

“Since we were first time buyers, the guidance Wendy provided in a very professional and non-judgmental way was extremely helpful. Everything Wendy did for us, from checking the house we were interested in, to making offers, was so meticulously taken care of by her and it made the process much easier. Even after the escrow closing, Wendy helped us for almost everything we needed to settle in smoothly.”

Patrick S.

“Wendy Louie possesses impressive qualifications and experience in both law and business. She has unusual expertise in all the financial aspects of real estate.”

Mark C.

I always trusted Wendy’s input, sense of judgment, and ability to come through in each situation in which we needed advice. I felt that your extra effort to research the inspections, rental status on the rental property, provide and meet with various contractors, electricians, and roofers for all the additional work which needed to be performed, and to act in person in each of these situations was exceptional. I felt that she took a personal interest in our purchase.”

Judi W.

“During the listing period Wendy kept us informed of all the transactions in our area, and the direction the market was headed. We especially appreciated her extra efforts in managing and supervising the repairs and maintenance of the property for us during the listing period. It would be quite impossible for me to do those things as an out-of-town seller.”